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Cloud Native

- October 1, 2019

Hey there! As we ponder over the best technologies to invest, cloud infrastructure penetrates our lives and paves the way we slip into the digital age.

You and me in the cloud

Basically, cloud infrastructure is maturing and becoming more accessible, not only for admins and developers, but also for non-techies, like my team manager.

Every month new features are implemented and launched by cloud providers, with thousands of micro-services becoming available for consumers. Things get even more prolific with the offshoots deployed on Hybrid Cloud, Distributed Cloud, Multi-Cloud… you name them.

Because all digital firms want to get engaged and play an active part in the business of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Things, Business Analytics, Big Data and Block Chain, it is important for everybody, you and me, to use modern architecture approaches that are well suited to the cloud.

How to build cloud native systems?

A quick glance at CNCF Cloud Native Landscape can help us find common ground for further discussion. Try to align yourself amid those technologies, applying filters and changing your focus. You can also chart your unique route using CNCF Cloud Native Trail Map.

CNCF Landscape
CNCF Cloud Native Landscape

In this how-to series we go through major components of cloud native architecture, and also look at the distribution of roles and skills in the team.

That is, me as Full-Stack doing development, and my colleague from DevOps providing application tools and infrastructure, and Product Owner responsible for strategic direction, and perhaps you as UX Designer creating rich customer experiences. Four or more of us bundled in one

Cloud Native Team

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